Railway Exam Preparation Tips For RRB ALP and RRB ASM

Last-minute preparation tips for the RRB ALP and RRB ASM

The Railway Recruitment Board will be conducting exams in the coming days to fill up thousands of vacancies for Loco Pilot and Station Master jobs.  So, what is the job of an Assistant Loco Pilot and Assistant Station Master?

Assistant Loco Pilot – Indian Railway Jobs

Loco Pilot, short for Locomotive Pilot, is the person who drives the train (Locomotive). The job of an Assistant Loco Pilot is to assist the driver and learn from them. The ALP can then be promoted as a Senior ALP and then LP – Loco Pilot. ALPs perform a series of tasks such as checking the train’s running condition. They are responsible for maintaining the Engines, and the rest of the cars by accompanying the Loco pilots on their journey. Also, some ALPs handle shunters, which are moving the locomotives (Engines) from one place to another.

So, what we can understand from the job of an ALP is that, the candidates need to be proficient in technical skills, quick thinking, adapting to situations. Therefore, candidates need to focus on improving their aptitude and reasoning skills. However, with very short time available, candidates can learn basic aptitude shortcuts and tips to crack reasoning questions from the following books.

  • Quantitative aptitude by R.S Agarwal
  • How To Prepare For Quantitative Aptitude For The CAT by Arun Sharma
  • Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by Abhijit Guha
  • ETS Maths Review
  • Barron’s Guide
  • Kaplan GRE Math Workbook

Candidates can refer RRB Syllabus to prepare for the General Science, General Reasoning and English Language. However, for the Technical Subjects, brush up on concepts from your degree/ diploma textbooks. Also, you can check Lucent’s General Knowledge book – Science Section for tips, basic formulae, and other shortcuts. 

Railway Exam Preparation Tips For RRB ALP and RRB ASM

What is the work of Assistant Station Master in Railway?

A station Master is responsible for the functioning of his assigned railway station. An ASM is in charge of running the trains, operating the signals and will have to make sure that all his staff is working according to the rulebook. The ASM Exam will be conducted in a similar manner with almost the same Exam pattern as the ALP Exam. However, the ASM will not have to prepare for the technical subjects as the ALP. A cool and calculative mind with proper communication skills is the main requirement of an ASM. Therefore, the RRB ASM Exam will test the candidates on their Reasoning, Language and Aptitude skills. Also, basic knowledge about science and current affairs are important.

Candidates can use the same books which have been suggested for the RRB ALP for Aptitude, Reasoning and Arithmetic ability. Along with these preparations make sure to read daily current affairs and General Knowledge. You can find GK and Current Affairs Pdf from our website. Download the Pocket PDF from our website to help you keep prepared. Follow the below-given tips to answer multiple choice questions faster.

Tricks to Answer Multiple Choice Questions

  • First read the question completely and understand it.
  • Eliminate the wrong answers.
  • If any doubts about multiple answers, solve it by reading the question again.
  • For mathematical questions, follow the shortcuts, formulae to solve faster.
  • You can find shortcuts to solve mathematical questions from any of the books that we have given above.
  • If the question has an All of the Above options, solve for multiple answers and verify.
  • Some answers are hidden in the question itself so, read the question again if you cannot find an answer.
  • Practice before the exam with a stopwatch and time yourself.
  • Practice makes man perfect. Therefore, start your preparations early.

However, the part 2 of the RRB ASM Recruitment test will have a comprehension test. In which, candidates will be tested for their language skills through questions like reading a passage and answering the questions based on the paragraph. Also, questions will be given to judge the decision-making skills of the candidates through scenarios.

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